Blog August 8, 2018
You Probably Already Know Rodrigo Amarante

The name might not ring a bell, but a ton of people are familiar with Rodrigo Amarante’s work. The Brazilian singer/songwriter has been a part of bands in Brazil and supergroups in the United States, but his furthest-reaching work is probably the theme from the Netflix show Narcos.

Even though it’s a theme song, “Tuyo” is a good representative of Amarante’s work: that laid-back croon over sepia-tinted instrumentals. The more typical South American elements in his music can ebb and flow, but that feeling that he’s letting you in on a secret pervades throughout. His solo release, 2014’s Cavalo, or his work on 2008’s Little Joy, a group comprising the drummer of the Strokes and singer/songwriter Binki Shapiro, are subtly fantastic.

Rodrigo Amarante and “post-Tropicalia avant-pop” artist Ava Roche are playing at National Sawdust Friday, August 10 as part of Brasil Summerfest.

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