Blog May 15, 2020
Zimbabwean Singer Shungudzo Rides The Balafon in Captain Planet's “Big Man”

With the desire for competent leadership more potent than usual, take a trip to a world where Shungudzo is in charge, where she's arrested the crooked policemen, there's money in the cereal with a spoonful of diamond, as she lays it out on Captain Planet's “Big Man.”

Anchored by that balafon and a 6/8 time signature that swaggers even more than it sways, it's a promising first single from Captain Planet's upcoming June 26 release on Bastard Jazz, No Visa, which promises more guest vocalists from all around the world, and fusions of styles from Africa, the Caribbean and South America revamped with modern hip-hop, reggae and house production underneath. This fusion of West African instrumentation and rhythm with that classic 808 beat underneath hits all those pleasure centers.

Zimbabwean-American singer Shungudzo has set the bar pretty high with her hook-laden verses wherein she is on top—and setting the world right below her. I'd like to get some more details about her public health policies but I think it's safe to say she has my vote.

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