Afropop Classic November 24, 2016
Afrobeats Comes to America
Afrobeats is the new urban music of Africa. Not to be confused with the funky sound of the ‘70s in Nigeria (Afrobeat), Afrobeats (with an "s") is 21st century dance pop, with a wide variety of programmed beats, rapping and singing, stylistic use of Auto-Tuned vocals, and catchy pop hooks. The music is part of a brave new media world where Nigeria is listening to South Africa, Kenya is listening to Angola, Ghana is listening to Tanzania, and Africans in the diaspora are listening to all of it. In 2016, large scale Afrobeats concerts were staged in Brooklyn and Houston, and greeted by large young rapturous crowds. In this program we hear the new sounds of Lagos, Nairobi, Angola and beyond and talk with artists and others about the thrilling rise and unfolding future of the newest African pop. Produced by Sean Barlow.

Afrobeats Comes to America: Playlist


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