Afropop Classic November 13, 2014
Afropop Live! NYC, Musical Metropolis
What do you get when you combine Congolese rapper Baloji, Lebanese pop star Yasmine Hamdan, Jamaican guitarist Brushy One-String, and Mauritanian vocal powerhouse Noura Mint Seymali? 2014's jaw-dropping GlobalFEST. What do you get when you combine live recordings of these artists with backstage interviews, intimate hotel-room performances, exclusive club recordings, and more? You get this week’s show, "Afropop Live!" We're re-running this program just in time to get you excited for next year's GlobalFEST which is (if you haven't noticed) coming up soon--in January! 

Featured Artists 

Podcast- Brushy One-String: Music and Single Vibrating Wire 

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