Afropop Classic November 21, 2013
One of the beautiful things about musical life in Latin America is that the classic dance music sounds never die. Even as youth-oriented genres like reggaeton and tribal get into the mix, people of all generations continue to get down to salsa, merengue and cumbia. All over Latin America, new bands are constantly popping up, innovating with those classic sounds and pushing them in fresh directions. Today, we hear the best new dance tracks Latin America has to offer in 2013, including local radio hits, new roots releases and sounds from the progressive indie-tropical scenes flourishing in the region today. As we trace our way from New York through the Caribbean and down the Andes, we listen to everything from the latest Cuban timba and Dominican típico hits to Colombian salsa choke, a new salsa/hip-hop hybrid coming out of the country's Pacific region. And, some great conversations: a chat with Will Holland (aka Quantic) and Mario Galeano of Ondatrópica, a fascinating new collective putting together the old and new-guards of Afro-Colombian music. Plus, a visit from New York City global bass DJ Uproot Andy, who schools us in the latest electronic dance music coming out of Latin America. (Featured image from Afrocolombia blog) 

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