Afropop Classic July 21, 2016
Bamako Sounds
Afropop's 2016 Hip Deep in Mali series explored fascinating stories of art and life in post-crisis Mali. On this program, we focus on music and artists. We hear new sounds from veteran guitar maestro Djelimady Tounkara, and Wassoulou music stars Nahawa Doumbia and Sali Sidibe, mesmerizing Songhai songs from Baba Salah, Dogon music from Sekou Bah, balafon pyrotechnics from Bassidi Kone, Bambara roots-pop from Bamba Wassoulou Groove, and contemporary pop and rap from Sidiki Diabate and Mylmo.

Afropop Returns to Mali


Afropop Returns to Mali: Part Two


Bamako Photo Essay

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