Closeup August 6, 2019
Barrio Colón to Brooklyn

The clave cuts the air, the drums triangulate in endless conversation, the singers push their voices over the rhythm, competing with daring improvisations, while a pair of dancers tease and provoke, shifting across the small space between singers and drummers: This is an Afro-Cuban rumba, a communal form of Afro-Cuban folkloric music that continues to be a crucial part of the musical life of New York City. From the inclusive to the exclusive, we also experience an original group interpreting Afro-Cuban sacred music through jazz explorations. In this podcast, we hear from two Cuban musicians, Anier Alonso and Melvis Santa, who are adding their unique voices to the New York Afro-Cuban music scene, pushing things forward with tireless creative energy.

Produced by Ricardo Luiggi and Morgan Greenstreet.
Photo by Carla A. Tomassini Quijano

Hear full interviews, in Spanish with Anier and Melvis:

Anier on Soundcloud.

Melvis on Soundcloud.

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