Afropop Classic January 30, 2014
Benin: Transforming Traditions

This program tells the story of generations of creative musicians from Benin who translate traditional, largely Vodun occult music into popular and experimental music. We hear traditional music styles including tchinkoumé, agbadja, and kakagbo, and explore how, starting in the 1970s,  Sagbohan Danialou (a singer, drummer, guitarist and composer known as "l'homme orchestre," the one-man-band) and Tohon Stanislas transformed these styles into popular music. We hear from Samuel "Jomion" Gnonlonfoun, one of the founders of the experimental super-group Gangbé Brass Band, who took the traditional approach further into jazz in the 1990s and 2000s, including new music from Jomion & The Uklos, Gnonlonfoun's current band. Finally, we bring the story to the present with an interview from superstar Angelique Kidjo, and brand new music from her latest album"Eve." 


 Banning Eyre Interview Angelique about Eve 


The Gnonlonfoun Brothers on Vodun, Gangbé and Jomion & The Uklos


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AFFICHE L'HOMME sans titre

Music Videos From Featured Artists

Web Exclusive Podcast


"Angelique Kidjo: The Roots of Eve"

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