Afropop Classic June 13, 2024
Berber Rising II

The long awaited follow-up to Afropop's popular 2002 program "Berber Rising" brings listeners up to date on music being made by the original inhabitants of North Africa, the Imazighen, or Berber. The program will include interviews and music from Takfarinas, Malika Zarra, Idir, Amazight, Fatima Tabaamrant, Iness Mezel, Najat Aâtabou and more. We'll take the pulse of the Berber village, the push for rights and recognition in Morocco and Algeria, and the global Amazigh community at a moment of tectonic social and political change in North Africa. [Produced by Banning Eyre. Originally aired: April 21st, 2011]

Berber Sites:

World Music Network - Overview of the music - Berber Culture site, especially good on Northern Rif mountain region.
Journey Beyond - In case you want to visit!

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