Afropop Classic May 25, 2012
Bomba, Plena y Mas
Ned Sublette paid an Afropop Worldwide visit to Puerto Rico in August 1992 and came back with an hour of bomba, plena, and more. We'll hear Modesto Cepeda demonstrate how a bomba rhythm is built, and Roberto Teixera breaks down the plena, one pandereta at a time. Then we'll visit the Barrio de San Antón in Ponce, where the plena was born. We'll also hear then-contemporary salsa hits from two great bands -- Willie Rosario and Luisito Ayala's Puerto Rican Power -- as well as timeless music from Mon Rivera, Cortijo y Kako, Ismael Rivera, Manuel Jiménez "Canario," Roberto Angleró, Los Pleneros del Barrio, Los Pleneros del Truco, and Andrés Jiménez "El Jíbaro." And finally for the pièce de resistance, we'll talk to the late Catalino "Tite" Curet Alonso, one of the all-time great Puerto Rican popular composers. [Originally aired 9-24-1992. Produced by Ned Sublette]

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