Afropop Classic September 19, 2019
Carnival In Brooklyn

Every September, millions of people celebrate Carnival in Brooklyn. From the pre-dawn J'ouvert bacchanal in the streets, to the intense Panorama steel pan competition, to the massive Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway, central Brooklyn is transformed into a Caribbean cultural haven. But before the fun comes months of preparation and centuries of history. We follow Caribbean steel pan groups, masquerade bands and Haitian rara groups through their preparations and celebrations and we hear how members of these Caribbean communities keep their cultural activities alive and thriving despite considerable challenges: violence and political backlash associated with Carnival, and soaring rents and cultural changes in Brooklyn due to gentrification.

Produced by Morgan Greenstreet, Saxon Baird and Sebastian Bouknight.

The Business of Pan: Tameeka Garcia Harris


Photo Essay: Brooklyn's Labor Day Carnival 2016

Photo Essay: Steel Pan In Brooklyn

Playlist: Sounds of Carnival 2016

Flagman of Dingolay Mas repping Trinidad amongst the stone icons of the Brooklyn Museum

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