Afropop Classic January 20, 2021
Crate-Diggers & Remixers

A vast, new world of DJs, record collectors and producers are going to far reaches of the Earth to find forgotten records and new styles of music. Their discoveries are then brought back home, remixed, repackaged and re-released to be heard by an entirely new audience. We speak to some globetrotting DJ and producers Chief Boima and Geko Jones to hear about their experiences, the music they've discovered and how they go about remixing some of these styles in order to create a new and updated sound.

[Produced by Saxon Baird. Originally aired March, 29th, 2012 ]

Geko Jones

" I’m trying to stay particularly on some proud Latino stuff. I’m really interested in digging up a lot of the folkloric side of Latin music because it’s not something that’s been given a lot of credit. Right now, we focus on a lot of urban music on the radio, Reggaeton and muchato get a lot of play. To me, it’s the same thing, its made to be pop, its still, you know, people in skinny jeans and sun glasses and what not. It’s really not that different. So, I’m trying to bring in some very barefoot, rootsy stuff that reminds people what our heritage is. "

Since we produced this show, both Geko Jones and Chief Boima have released great mixtapes that perfectly showcases their musical styles, particularly their shared tendency to draw inspiration from a technologically mediated engagement with past classics.

Chief Boima: Chimurenga Renaissance

Geko Jones- Que Cojones

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