Afropop Classic March 2, 2017
Getting Down in the Guyanas

We visit one of the world's last untamed natural and musical wildernesses: The Guyanas. Riding along bumpy jungle roads and in dugout canoes, Afropop producer Marlon Bishop travels from Suriname to French Guiana for the Transamazoniennes Festival, located in the remote border town of Saint-Laurent-Du-Maroni. We enjoy the region's fascinating cultural stew, where French Creole, Maroon, Amerindian, Hindu, Javanese, and Dutch elements all mingle together on the outer fringes of the Amazon and hear styles like kaseko, bigi pokoe, aleke and kawina. We'll speak with local stars Prince Koloni, Little Guerrier and Chris Combette, as well as visiting acts such as self-proclaimed "African gypsy" Wanlov the Kubolor, and polyglot rap crew Nomadic Massive. Produced by Marlon Bishop. Originally aired March 2012.

Report from Transamazoniennes Festival: Getting Down in the Guyanas

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Maroni River Mashup: A Guyanas Mixtape

Maroni Mashup

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