Afropop Classic March 11, 2021
Moroccan Music Today: Re-Examined Past, Innovative Future

In Morocco today, artists draw from a huge variety of styles and traditions, creating music that takes from previously neglected history in order to create new and innovative sounds. In Agadir and Casablanca, two of Morocco's most vibrantly musical cities, musicians have embraced Morocco's Amazigh and sub-Saharan roots. On this program, we explore how artists are preserving styles like Gnawa, brought to Morocco by slaves from West Africa, and rwayes, Amazigh troubadour music of southern Morocco. We will also hear everything from Amazigh black metal to a band covering Bob Marley songs with Moroccan instruments, along with some female artists who are powerfully staking out their place in male-dominated genres.

Produced by Jesse Brent.

Morocco Dispatch No.1: True Amazigh Black Metal


Morocco Dispatch No. 2: Samir Langus' Gnawa Vision


Ali Faiq on Rwayes Heritage and Re-Creation


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