Afropop Classic May 23, 2013
New Baktun(es) - Latino Sounds for 2013

Brush up on your post Mayan apocalypse roots and join us for trip through the Latino music that will rock your world in the coming year. Co-Host Nadia Reiman (of NPR’s Latino USA) pulls out her crystal ball (and industry contacts) to give us an exclusive sneak peek. We are going to hear from Cilantro Boombox, Empresarios, and Raul y Mexia- the sons of Los Tigres del Norte (really!)- and look ahead as we share songs from some of our absolute favorites who are rumored to putting out new tracks in 2013 (hint: we hear there is some new Nortec Collective and Pacha Massive coming our way). So sit back, relax, and get ready for some future-shock, 2013 style.  Produced by guest co-host Nadia Reiman.

Featured Artists

Silvana Kane

Singer from the well known band Pacifika, Kane recently released her first solo album on Six Degrees Records.

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Las Acevedo

Identical twins from the Dominican Republic, Las Acevedo gained international attention through the song Chacka Chacka!


Empresarios are from DC and you can call them Tropicaliente, blending together a welter of styles into a dancefloor destroying whole.

Locos Por Juana

locos por juana

Formed in Miami, Locos por Juana are a longstanding alternative band, fusing latin, rock, funk, and reggae influences into an intoxicating whole.

Very Be Careful

Hailing from LA, Very Be Careful play a rocking version of Vallenato, a traditional form of Colombian Cumbia. Believe it or not, the band is HUGE in japan, and they played at the Fuji Rock Festival (one of the world's largest) in 2005.

Ana Tijoux

French-Chilean Ana Tijoux is a musical survivor. Starting her career in the 90's with the rap group Makiza, she has since gone solo, becoming a fiery political voice in Latin hip-hop.

Nortec Collective

nortec collective

Nortec Collective mix elements of electronic music with the sounds and styles of Northern Mexico, including genres like banda and norteño.

La Vida Boheme

Known to play their shows wearing white and covered in splashes of paint, La Vide Boheme are a popular genre bending post-punk band from Caracas, Venezuela.

Cafe Tacvba

Cafe Tacvba is one of Mexico's most influential bands. Musical legends, able to boast of a continuing musical development since their first album in 1992. Their live shows?  Pure happiness. And their new album pulls modern Electronica into their ever more eclectic

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