Afropop Classic February 14, 2013
Guitar Voices From Mali and South Africa

This program, originally aired in 2007 as "New Guitar Voices," features two amazing guitar innovators, new on the international scene that year. Vieux Farka Touré had recently made his highly acclaimed debut in North America. Senior Editor, Banning Eyre wrote Vieux's self-titled debut album "both honors and extends the life work of his father, Ali Farka Toure." We hear highlights from one of Vieux's first New York City concert, an exclusive intimate live session, and an extended interview. Guitarist Shiyani Ngcobo, who died in 2011, was a master of the maskanda tradition of the Zulu people of South Africa. At age 53, Shiyani released his long-awaited first album and made his American debut at Carnegie Hall. Shiyani tells us his story and performs an informal acoustic session for Afropop Worldwide.

Vieux Farka Touré

Guitarist, singer, composer, band-leader Vieux Farka Touré carries on the legacy of his father, the beloved Ali Farka Touré, who died in March, 2006--rest in peace.  Vieux performs some of his fathers' repretoire, but mostly performs his own original songs.  Vieux's five-piece band includes the talent of the legendary Mama Sissoko, guitar and ngoni master.  See Afropop Worldwide's extensive interview with this hot talent!

"Vieux Farka Touré" CD review by Banning Eyre

Afropop Feature: Vieux Farka Touré Debuts in America


Shiyani Ngcobo

Shiyani Ngcobo is a master of the uniquely Zulu art of maskanda, highly rhythmic, finger style guitar, accompanying some of the most soulful vocals to be found in Africa.  Shiyani’s brilliant 2004 album, "Introducing Shiyani Ngcobo" (released when Shiyani was 50), was a revelation because it is the only maskanda recording we know of to really showcase the guitar, unobscured by a heavy  rhythm section or other melody instruments. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Shiyani.

About Maskanda

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