Planet Afropop March 5, 2024
Planet Afropop - South Africa in the Green Room: Bongeziwe and Bakithi

On the cusp of a world tour, genre-bending South African artist Bongeziwe Mabandla sits down with Planet Afropop's Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe. Mabandla, a true maverick, draws on his country's rich musical history but forges his own path with his new album amaXesha (The Times)..

Alongside his Mozambican producer, the innovative Tiago Correia-Paulo, Bongeziwe has crafted a unique sonic signature. Imagine deep, meditative textures woven with pulsating keyboards – a sound, as Siyolwe puts it, "you can dance to, pray to, cry to, and celebrate to."

This episode doesn't just focus on Bongeziwe. We also get a glimpse into the legendary Graceland bassman, Bakithi Kumalo. Filmed at his home studio, Kumalo offers insights and a taste of his music.

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