Closeup September 19, 2017
Rushin’ to Bacchanal: When Caribbean Festivals Collide
Photo by Torrell Glinton.

Junkanoo, an annual communal parade held in the Bahamas, is a labor of love for the Bahamian people that dates back centuries. The parade, which has Akan cultural roots, emerged in the time of slavery, but it has since moved from the margins to the very center of society, becoming the bedrock of national culture. When the government wanted to invest millions in the development of a major cultural festival designed to attract tourists, Junkanoo seemed like the obvious choice. In this podcast, we hear what happened when the government chose to use Trinidad Carnival as the model instead. Produced by Gabrielle Misiewicz

About the producer: Gabrielle Misiewicz was born and raised in the Bahamas. She studied ethnomusicology in college and graduate school, focusing on West Africa and the Caribbean. She enjoys playing West African and Japanese percussion and singing early music and sacred harp. This is her debut story for radio.

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