Closeup September 26, 2023
Hispanic Heritage Month 2023: Soneros Mayores - Portraits of Beny Moré and Ismael Rivera

Beny Moré and Ismael Rivera are two of the most celebrated soneros in Latin music history. National heroes in their home countries of Cuba and Puerto Rico, respectively, these two masters of improvised singing captivated audiences around the world with their virtuosic vocals and infectious rhythms.

In this special program, we'll hear some of the songs that made Beny Moré and Ismael Rivera famous, and follow their development as artists. From Moré's early days as a guajiro singer to Rivera's groundbreaking work with Rafael Cortijo, we'll explore the musical journey of these two titans of salsa.

Join us as we celebrate the legacy of Beny Moré and Ismael Rivera, two of the greatest soneros of all time.

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