Afropop Classic November 8, 2018
Sounds Like Brooklyn

At Afropop, we have gone far and wide, from Brazil to England to Madagascar to Egypt, tracking down incredible music to bring back home to our headquarters in Brooklyn. For our newest program, "Sounds Like Brooklyn," we stay closer to home, tracing a hidden music economy of CD vendors in bodegas, copy shops and food markets around the five New York boroughs. Accompanying us on our travels is poet and "Bodega Pop" WFMU radio host Gary Sullivan. Along the way, we check out a Caribbean gospel rap performance in Bed-Stuy's Restoration Plaza, dust off some cassettes at VP Records in Jamaica, and chat with DJ Wow at his African CD store in Harlem. New York is a city of immigrants and we salute the creativity they bring with them from all corners of the world!

Produced by Jesse Brent

Bodega Hopping: An Interactive Map


Sidebar: Where We Found CDs in NYC


Bodega City: Gary Sullivan on Music in New York

African CDs

DJ Wow's African CD Store in Harlem


The Mandé Diaspora in New York City, Part One

The Mandé Diaspora in New York City, Part Two


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