Afropop Classic November 29, 2018
The Best of Afropop Closeup Season 3

We just wrapped up our third season of our podcast series Afropop Closeups, and it may have been the best season yet.

Afropop producers traveled from watching reggae artists in chilly Berlin to Thomas Mapfumo’s triumphant return concert in Harare, Zimbabwe. They witnessed how digital technology is changing carnival in Haiti and how--for centuries--the cutting edge in long-distance communication was Asante drumming in what is now Ghana.

For this week’s program, we picked three shows from season 3 that will give you a taste of what an Afropop Closeup is all about. From an interview with the pioneering Caribbean feminist Calypso Rose, to the homegrown music scene African immigrants are creating outside Lisbon, to the story of a mysterious kidnapping of a musical legend--pull back the curtain and see the stories behind the music and see them close up.

Check out the rest of the season below:

Tobago's #MeToo Trailblazer: Calypso Rose

Carnival Goes Digital

Thomas Mapfumo: The Enigma of Return

Reggae Takes Root in Germany

Asante Drum Language

Nha Mundo: The Sound of Cova da Moura

Skippy White: A Vinyl Life

We Are All Worthy of One Another

Kidnapped! Ambassador Osayomore Joseph

Gael Faye and the New Generation of Afropean Artists


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