Afropop Classic August 26, 2021
The Cameroon-Cuba Connection

Special guest Dr. Ivor Miller, back from a 2021 research trip to Cameroon, takes us into the complexities of south Cameroonian spiritual tradition and its connection to the Cuban Abakuá secret society for men. Featuring Abakuá-themed music from Cuba, ceremonial music from Cameroon, and Batanga pop by Chief Eko Roosevelt, Pablo Gabbana, and Emily Sadey.

Produced by Ned Sublette.

Portions of music in The Cameroon-Cuba Connection were taken from these videos:

See videos of other Cameroonian and Nigerian ceremonies on Ivor Miller's YouTube channel.


Ecobio Enyenison
-Eribó Eriboñé
-Maribó Konkai
-Yumba Efó
Eko Roosevelt: Tondoho Mba
Pablo Gabbana: Retour a Moa
Emily Sadey: Bolo ô Ngondo

Photo caption:

For The Cameroon-Cuba Connection, we talk to Georges Mbele, a nganga (healer) in the spiritual tradition of the Batanga people of south Cameroon, seen here in the sacred grove where the healing ceremonies take place. Photo: Ivor Miller (2021).

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