Closeup January 23, 2018
The Voice of Protest: Betsayda Machado Sings Against Hunger in Venezuela

The songs of Betsayda Machado, the leading voice of Afro-Venezuelan music, address many of the most painful topics of daily life of her country: hunger, poverty, shortages of basic medicine, and deadly street riots – stemming from the current economic and political crisis in Venezuela. They talk about its consequences on a gut level: empty store shelves, and the devastation of parents unable to feed their children. Some in Venezuela who have spoken out have faced retribution, but that hasn’t deterred Betsayda Machado.  Produced by Dan Rosenberg. Distributed 01/23/2018

About the producer:

Dan Rosenberg is a journalist and music producer based in Toronto, Canada.  He reports and music and culture for The Huffington Post, The Times (UK), The Rough Guides and various public radio programs including “Afropop Worldwide” and “Café International”.  He also has produced over 60 albums including Yiddish Glory and dozens of releases for the Rough Guide to World Music series.

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