Afropop Classic November 18, 2021
The Zimdancehall Story

Inspired by Jamaica’s dancehall music from the '90s and early 2000s, Zimbabwean dancehall music (Zimdancehall) started out as an underground subculture in the ghettos of Zimbabwe and is now the country’s most popular genre.

Sniper Storm
Sniper Storm

In this episode we’ll trace the subgenre’s rocky rise to the top and meet some of its founding pioneers: the likes of producer Jusa Dementor and recording artist, Sniper Storm. We’ll also explore the hidden layers behind the upbeat party tunes to reveal questions about: social class, language, originality and cultural authenticity; and how these underlying factors may play into Zimdancehall’s prospects in the international music market.

It’s a fascinating story of resistance and persistence—it’s the Zimdancehall story.

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