Afropop Classic June 2, 2016
Three Survivors: Paulo Flores, Emmanuel Jal, Lágbájá
We profile three African musicians who have created significant careers in the face of daunting challenges in their countries. Paulo Flores, champion of semba and kizomba in Angola, came of age in the midst of that country's long post-independence civil war. He's probably done more for Angola's spiritual health during these difficult decades than anyone alive. Emmanuel Jal faced still worse as a child soldier who escaped Sudan under horrific circumstances to become an internationally acclaimed singer and rapper. Today, he must watch as his homeland--now called South Sudan--descends into another brutal, senseless war. The masked man of Nigerian pop, Lágbájá, has created diverse, socially conscious music through a series of military regimes in his homeland, and has new advice for his countrymen in a fragile democracy. We'll meet all three artists and hear an awesome variety of music. Produced by Banning Eyre

Emmanuel Jal: Between Che and Gandhi


Lágbájá Talks Career, New Music, and the Nigerian Scene


Paulo Flores Interview


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