Closeup December 26, 2017

Underneath the streets of New York City, in the tunnels and stations of the busiest subway system in the country, there is a thriving music scene. Amidst the noise of passing trains, we meet Papa Fara, a Cameroonian xylophonist and singer, who plays for tips and captures the love of strangers and makes friends with his quick, warm smile. But, behind the smile and beautiful melodies, something is troubling Papa Fara. There’s a reason he’d rather be underground.

About the producer:

Morgan Greenstreet is a musician, musical journalist and radio producer based in New York City. As a producer for Peabody Award-winning media company Afropop Worldwide, Morgan has traveled to Ghana, Benin and Nigeria and produced a wide range of podcasts and radio programs. His written work has also been featured on

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