Afropop Classic May 18, 2017
"We Are All Creole": The Atlantic Sound of Cape Verde

Cape Verde, land of the the playful coladeira, the entrancing batuque, the high-energy funaná, and of course the sensual morna that Cesaria Évora helped bring to the world. At the intersection of Africa, Europe, and the Americas, Cape Verde's creole identity is reflected in the richness of its musical output, one which continues to uphold traditions while maintaining a youthful energy and demonstrating an open-mindedness fitting for an archipelago whose diaspora outnumbers its inhabitants. In this program, we travel to Cape Verde’s capital, Praia, for the Atlantic Music Expo, a yearly gathering of music professionals and local and international artists. As the city center bursts with live music, we check in on some of the most exciting sounds coming out of Cape Verde right now, hearing from talented young singer-songwriters such as Elida Almeida and Lucibela; rappers Helio Batalha, Kiddye Bonz, and BigZ Patronato; traditional batuque ensemble Tradison di Terra; and many more.

Produced by Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar. Feature photo credit: Atlantic Music Expo 2017

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