Afropop Classic August 10, 2011
World Black Arts Festival in Dakar

This is only the third time since independence that such an ambitious, pan-African, pan-Diaspora, multi-disciplinary extravaganza has been mounted. The first was in Dakar in 1966. The second was in Lagos in 1977 for the legendary FESTAC. And now, it's back to Dakar for the World Black Arts Festival. We'll hear the stars on opening night--Youssou, Baaba, Ismael Lo, Angelique, the Mahotella Queens. We'll catch the awesome Haitian rock and roller Wyclef Jean. The kids loved Wyclef and he proclaimed "Haiti is Africa." We'll hang out in Dakar's hippest outdoor club, Just 4 You Dakar, to catch Souleymane Faye. Abdoulaye Diabate introduces us to his African jazz sound. And we head to hyperactive Sandaga Market to pick up the latest in Senegalese mbalax and hip hop including the CD that's burning up the Dakar airwaves right now--Diaga from the sublime singer Thione Seck. And the Brazilians! What's a party without Brazilians?! They are the honored country at the Festival. They came with a delegation 400-strong, bringing us the vivacious Sandra de Sá and others. [Produced by Sean Barlow. Originally aired August 8th, 2011]

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