October 3/8:00 p.m. | 635 Sackett St Brooklyn, NY 11217
Jupiter & Okwess

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Discovered in 2006 thanks to Jupiter’s Dance, a documentary about the new music scene in Kinshasa, charismatic band leader Jupiter Bokondji represents the innovative scene of street musicians in Kinshasa. Blending Afropop, traditional Congolese rhythms, funk, and rock with often topical, socially conscious lyrics, Bokondji is advancing a rich, multicultural style. Powered by his group Okwess International, with drummer Montana of Staff Benda Bilili, he released his latest album Kin Sonic (produced by Marc-Antoine Moreau, whose credits include Amadou & Mariam and Songhoy Blues), which unveils a largely hidden heritage even as it addresses issues confronting societies all across the globe.

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