Friday, November 15, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM | Poster House 119 West 23rd Street, New York, New York 10011
The Convergence: Afropop Meets Afroarts

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Poster House is delighted to co-host a special musical event with Fred Kyeremeh and the Ghanaian American Journal in honor of Ghana’s Year of Return, the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans arriving in Jamestown, Virginia.

The Convergence: Afropop Meets Afro Arts
A multicultural mixer showcasing the evolution of African music, from High Life to present-day beats. On view at the same time is Baptized by Beefcake: The Golden Age of Hand-Painted Movie Posters from Ghana.

Featuring DJ Akuaa and MC Kwesoul

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