Sunday, November 5 6:30 PM – Doors / 7 PM – Show | Fotografiska Museum – 281 Park Ave S – Manhattan
The Good Ones - Origin Series

WMI presents Rwandan duo The Good Ones, a band formed in 1987 for healing after the Rwandan genocide. They aim to find "the good ones" after enduring and witnessing immense suffering. Their vocals are rooted in their local agricultural district's traditions. Lead songwriter, Adrien Kazigira, and co-singer, Janvier Havugimana, create intricate harmonies. Often described as "worker songs from the streets," their unique sound resembles American Bluegrass. They also use unconventional instruments, including farming tools as percussion.

The Good Ones released their fourth studio album, 'Rwanda…You See Ghosts, I See Sky,' in 2022.

The ORIGINS series spotlights artists who explore the folklore and musical roots of their cultures. This storytelling helps preserve and affirm cultural identities and legacies.

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