Friday, August 16 7pm | Bryant Park, NYC
World Music Institute: Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Experience a musical milestone! Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, a true luminary from Ghana, will electrify the stage with a full performance of his legendary 1975 debut album, "Simigwa". This is a rare and unforgettable chance for audiences in America to witness history in the making.

From humble beginnings in Ghana's vibrant port city, Ambolley—the "Simigwa Do Man"—rose to become a force of nature. His musical journey, ignited by early mastery of the flute, was fueled by mentors like Ebo Taylor, transforming him into a prolific artist with 29 albums to his name.

In 1973, Ambolley unleashed his unique "Simigwa-Do" sound, a captivating blend of highlife and jazz. His name became forever linked with this vibrant style, and his debut album "Simigwa" – a fusion of highlife, afrobeat, folk, and funk – solidified his status as a Ghanaian music icon.

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