Akornefa Akyea

Akornefa Akyea is the Director of New Media and Operations at Afropop Worldwide. She came to Afropop in September 2016 from New York Public Radio where she worked in the Listener Services and Development departments. As a Ghanaian- American and musician (flute and piano) she brings knowledge and experiences of West-African culture and music which informs her work at Afropop. She holds a Bachelors of Arts from Columbia University where she studied music and was granted the Princeton in Africa Fellowship to work at the agribusiness company Olam in Libreville, Gabon after graduating in 2012. In April 2017, Akornefa produced her first show for Afropop Worldwide entitled “The Live Pop-Up Radio Experience” which was a show based on the first live-stream event on the internet radio platform Stewart Avenue which Akornefa helped to organize. During her time at Afropop, she has also interviewed major artists such as Sauti Sol and written various editorial pieces for afropop.org.

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