Features July 14, 2012
On Shabibi Music
Shabibi: the word means “youth music,” and is not to be confused with sha’bi music.  Shababi is the highly produced sound of pan-Arab stars like Amr Diab, Mohamed Nour, Mohamed Fouad, and Sherine Abdel Wahab. Daniel Gilman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Mississippi, who specializes in this modern and commercial style of Egyptian pop music provided these links: Daniel Gilman's dissertation archived online at the University of Texas Why Tamer Hosny Won't Go Away Martyr Pop Amr Diab http://youtu.be/SIFL9qfmu5U Mohamed Nour http://youtu.be/tRv-cOuHUdo Mohamed Fouad http://youtu.be/1RBbwidHEm8 Sherine Abdel Wahab http://youtu.be/hKKvXvHAOYo