Blog November 13, 2012
Favela Funk Gem: Who is Deize Tigrona!?!
Deize Tigrona is a rising MC from São Conrado, Rio de Janiero whose newest music video Prostituto is on FIRE!!! When Deize first began Mcing in 1997, she was a house cleaner by day and a funk carioca musician by night. In 2005 she became a citywide success, beloved by Carioca fans for her explicit lyrics and booty poppin' hits. Very soon after, she began to gain international recognition for her song Injeção, or injection, which is seemingly about various trips to the doctors office. The track goes on to include metaphors about what happens after becoming injected *cough*. Anyways, this bass intensive party jam samples Bill Conti's Rocky Theme Song, and was later adopted by M.I.A. for her well-known track Bucky Done Gone. In fact, Deize Tigrona performed Bucky Done Gone with M.I.A. while she was touring in Brazil. Deize's new single is called Prostituto, and it is DEFINITELY a favela Funk gem. Favela funk, or funk carioca was born in the favela's of Rio, when influences from hip hop and Maimi base met hiccuping Brazilian rhythms. If anything, this music makes you want to get DOWN. Not only is the beat catchy, but Dieze compliments it with a fantastic Portuguese flow. The music video is also an impressive aspect of Prostituto. Bright colors, urban art, tropical people- the whole thing makes you feel like you're in an alternate universe/ screen saver that perhaps Basquiat could have created on a trip to Brazil...when he was five. Not that Basquiat ever visited Brazil at age 5, or created a screen saver, but you get it. By the way if anyone has more information on her PLEASE holla at your homies at Afropop. We would love to hear more. Deize Tigrona's Prostituto Deize Tigrona's Injeção M.I.A.'s Bucky Done Gone A cool interview with Deize Tigrona by NZ TV from like 2008. Sadly, we couldn't find anything more recent. And BIG UPS to tropical bass for posting her video in the first place!