Blog June 26, 2015
Over and Out!
Hey everyone, how's it going? You may not know me (because who knows the people who run websites?) but over the past two and half years, I've been the managing editor for and the producer for new media for Afropop as a whole. That tweet that was just the word "cuuuuummmmbbbiiiaaaa" and a YouTube link? Yeah, that was probably me. Today is my last day, and before I hand the site over to the able hands of Atane Ofiaja, who will be taking it from here on out, I just want to say what a pleasure it has been. The world has more good music in it than anyone could ever hear, and far too few places where that music is presented and written about in all the riotous diversity that it deserves. Afropop is that sort of place, and I've learned a tremendous amount during my time here. And if you've been reading, or listening, or checking in on Twitter and Facebook, I hope you have too. I'm extremely proud of all the great stuff that Afropop has done during my tenure--we've gone to Ghana and Sierra Leone, produced shows about the World Cup in Brazil and bachata in NYC, and blogged about just about everything under the sun. We relaunched our podcast and restarted a mixtape series. We even won a Peabody Award. We've expanded our team, bringing numerous new producers and writers on board. But most importantly, I think that we've continued to prove that there is space in the world, both digitally and on the air, for musical discussion that is thoughtful, connective, comprehensive and fun. So thank you for listening and reading and supporting. The last few years wouldn't have been possible without you. Aannnnnnnddd that's it! You'll still see me around here and there, but I'm mostly excited to check out the other side of this crazy thing. I can't wait to hear what comes next! Now take me out, MC Bin Laden!!