Blog December 23, 2016
Afropop Exclusive Mix: Brazil Samba MPB Vol. One From DJ Ephraim Asili
Afropop is delighted to share an exclusive mix specially deejayed for us by Ephraim Asili, entitled Brazil Samba MPB Vol. One: Brazilian LPs From A Trip to Salvador. A filmmaker, DJ and traveler, Ephraim is a full-time visiting artist in the Film and Electronic Arts Department at Bard College. He brings his unique touch to this mix, sampling from vinyls he collected while filming in Salvador da Bahia. The mixtape takes us across the soundscape of samba and música popular brasileira, known as MPB. MPB is post-bossa nova, urban popular Brazilian music that is a hybrid of jazz, rock and typical regional styles such as samba, samba-canção and baião. A guitar shred, alluding to the rock scene of the ‘60s, pulls us through the rhythmic surge of samba-reggae, easing us into warped love ballads, reminding us the music of the past, or seemingly far away, is always present and in fact can always be found in the chords across many genres. Asili is known for his ability to build nuanced visual and audio experiences that weave popular culture, African and diasporic presence, and a personable sense of place and time. That mark is ever present throughout Brazil Samba MPB Vol. One. You can also find DJ Asili on WGXC where he emcees his radio program “In the Cut,” or in April at the Botanica party in Hudson, NY.