Blog July 28, 2015
Afropop Exclusive Mix: Brazilian Underground, Vol. Two
The first Brazilian Underground mix was one of our favorites in the Afropop Exclusive Mix Series, so we asked Rio-based journalist Marcelo Monteiro of Amplificador (who recently released an excellent new compilation on Far Out Recordings) if he could make us one more. We are very excited to once again present some incredible new songs from the new generation of Brazil. This time around, most of the tracks on the mix are either from brand-new albums or singles released in the past few months. The styles included here range from Afro-Brazilian to MPB to psych rock. Monteiro has included some great new material by Metá Metá and Bixiga 70, two inventive African-inspired acts from São Paulo, along with a new track by Pernambucan mangue veteran Siba. But there are also plenty of gems by lesser-known acts included here. Enjoy! Track List: 1. Ava Rocha - Hermética 2. Metá Metá - Atotô 3. Ive Seixas - Praia no Inverno 4. Mohandas - Your Eyes 5. Abayomy - Obatala 6. Bixiga 70 - Mil Vidas 7. Fukai - Soma 8. The Baggios - Esturra Leão 9. Far From Alaska - Mama 10. Boogarins – Doce 11. Cícero - Camomila 12. Graveola - Lembrete 13. Iconili - Nego Preto 14. Siba - Marcha Macia 15. Carne Doce - Preto Negro 16. Bruna Mendez - Pra Ela 17. Quarto Negro - Orlando 18. Maglore - O Sol Chegou 19. O Terno - Ai, Ai, Como Eu Me Iludo 20. Chapa Mamba - Beleléu 21. Câmera - Till Life Do Us Apart 22. Amplexos - Cai Pra Dentro 23. Frevotron e Jorge Du Peixe – Travessia 24. Astronauta Marinho - Negord! 25. I.F.Á. Afrobeat - Suffer 26. The Outs - What Brings Me Down 27. Kung Fu Johnny - Say I Want 28. Burro Morto – Lucifercolombia 29. Fabricio - Feito Tamborim 30. Macaco Bong – Abramacabra 31. Camarones - Silêncio, Barulho a Vista 32. Muñoz - The Flight of Alligators

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