Blog April 18, 2014
Afropop Worldwide Mix from DJ Reaganomics
We asked DJ Reaganomics, of Staten Island, NYC, to produce an original mix for us. He is very active in the scene which some call "global bass," drawing on an extremely diverse, largely African and Afro-diasporic palate to make exciting dance music for the present moment. We are grateful that Reaganomics bestowed us (and by extension, you) with this joyful, eclectic wonder of a mix. Here's what he has to say about it: "Every song in this mix is an exercise in wish fulfillment. What would it be like to get all these great musicians in a room together? Many of these groupings started as live mashup routines.  After cooking in Ableton for a while, some of these ideas became elaborate, multi-track compositions, a year or so in the making.  The main ingredients are the guitar and vocal melodies of soukous (DRC) semba (Angola), and bullerengue (Colombian folklore), propelled by the driving beat of kuduro (Angola), coupé decalé (Côte D' Ivoire), soca (West Indies), cumbia (Colombia, etc), B'more (Baltimore breakbeats) and juke (a type of Chicago house): A clash of folklore and urban sound. I couldn't do this mix without mentioning the important sources of information, mixtapes, file trade sessions, computer lessons, gigs, blogs, friends:  DJs Mpula, Sabo, Orion, Barney Iller, Uproot Andy, Geko Jones, Cumba Mela Crew, Bembe NYC, Ghetto Bassquake, Generation Bass, Awesome Tapes From Africa, and Afrocolombia continue to blaze the trail I've been on for the last 5 years." -DJ Reaganomics  Tracklist: 1) A Pila el Arroz - Estrellas Del Caribe (DJ Reaganomics remix) 2) Tatali - Double (DJ Reaganomics remix)
3) Hangover - Atomic Jazz of Africa, Buraka Som Systema (DJ Reaganomics remix) 4) Ritmo Del Porro - DamoNaimad, Feat. Maskerado (DJ Reaganomics) 5) Minvela - Abeti Masikini (DJ Reaganomics remix)
6) Agyei -  R2bees (DJ Reaganomics remix) 7) Munchi's 'Thanks To Subeena' Bootleg Kuduro Rmx, Feat. Petrona Martinez (DJ Reaganomics remix) 8) Taxi Diarabi - Sah'lomon (DJ Reaganomics remix)
9) Teya Teya - Tchinina, Os Bongos (Dj Reaganomics remix) 10) Sambingo 2 (Boogaloo Electrico)- Estrellas Del Caribe (Dj Reaganomics & Geko Jones' remix) 11) Eke Orogwe Wu Ahia - Imo Brothers International Band (DJ Reaganomics remix) 12) Que Viva! - Feat. Boogat  (DJ Reaganomics remix) 13) Esu Kutu Kiri - Ella Andall, Sorie Kondi (DJ Reaganomics remix) 14) La Allah Dayim Moulenah - Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders (DJ Reaganomics remix)