Blog October 26, 2015
Afropop Premiere: Art Melody's "Karong Korogo"
We are excited to premiere "Karong Korogo," the second track off Burkinabe rapper Art Melody's forthcoming album Moogho, out Oct. 30 on Akwaaba Music. The track opens like a surprise attack, with Art Melody's characteristic growly voice rap-singing in Mooré over a loping percussive beat by his long-time producer Redrum. Suddenly horns emerge, and the interplay between passionate vocals and the brass fanfare takes the tune to the next level. At one point, the beat drops out, leaving Melody's stark voice over a low bed of horns. A tense pause...and the beat drops, bringing the horns back for a triumphant finale. The production on "Karong Korogo," and much of the new album, including the lead single "Mikro-Macré," is a creative departure from the boom-bap styles that characterized Art Melody's 2013 release Wogdog Blues. Look out for our review of Moogho, coming soon.