Blog September 13, 2018
Afropop Premiere: NOVALIMA's New Record “Ch'Usay”

Novalima is a group right at the intersection of the physical—marimbas, shaken percussion, handclaps—and the shuddering of electronic drums and loping delay. They draw from Afro-Peruvian influences and elements like chanted vocals, cut with flirtations with modern dub, hip-hop and pan-Latin electronica. In other words, we dig 'em, which is why we're so pleased to premiere their newest album Ch'Usay before its release Friday on Wonderwheel Recordings.

The album's title means “voyage” in the Incan language Quechua, a nod to the album's global origins. The Barcelona-based Cuban rapper Kumar is back and joined by the Quechua rapper Liberato Kani as well as the Colombian marimba player Esteban Copete and Andean soprano Syliva Falcon.

Go ahead and give Ch'Usay a spin; it's great for working to. The album can be pre-ordered here.

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