Blog May 20, 2015
Afropop Premiere: Weird Together's "No Compromise" Remix by Daniel Haaksman
If the world was fair this track—pulling from South American and African dance scenes, made by two New Zealand-based DJs, with lead vocals sung by a South Sundanese soap opera star—would be spilling out of every passing car and rolling over every block party this summer. But given that the real world is such a chaotic, nonsensical place, that will probably never happen, but hey, that doesn't mean you can't do your part! After all, there's no time more appropriate than when you're supporting a righteous cause to shout “No Compromise,” the title of the track by the aptly named collective Weird Together. To complicate matters further, and to toss yet another continent into the mélange, Afropop is proudly premiering a remix by the Berlin-based DJ and head of Man Records, Daniel Haaksman, who added the block-rocking bass. This is the title track on Weird Together's new EP, released by Soundway Records. Far from being just a studio project, Weird Together is a full band, fronted by the above-mentioned  South Sudanese lead singer Karima Madut. Keep your eyes and ears open for them.