Blog July 3, 2014
Film of Life: New Album by Tony Allen
"Without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat." –Fela Kuti Just this week, world-renowned drummer and musician Tony Allen announced the October release of his new album, Film of Life, on the Jazz Village label. Along with the announcement, Allen dropped  a track from the album entitled “Go Back,” featuring Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn on keyboards and vocals.  The new track does exactly what the title suggests, taking you back to a slower, simpler time. Although "Go Back" has a lighter touch than the heavy funk and hip-hop style that has defined much of his recent work, Allen continues to stay true to his fusion of jazz, highlife and funk. The smooth, syncopated rhythms sway and roll underneath a decidedly Blur-influenced track, as pianos elegantly purr chords, and Damon holds melancholy court. The overall effect is soothing and bittersweet, perfect for relaxing with a hot tea after a long day. Remember that this is just one of the cuts on the album, so we are expecting more of the horn-heavy Afro-funk style that we know and love from Allen's past recordings like Secret Agent and Lagos No Shaking.  We also have a short album teaser. It'll make you wish it was already October.