Blog July 7, 2015
Amplificador's New Brazil Compilation
Brazilian journalist Marcelo Monteiro made us an exclusive mix of New Music From the Brazilian Underground back in February. Monteiro’s blog Amplificador is now releasing a compilation called Amplificador: Novissima Musica Brasileira--The Brazilian 10’s Generation, which is available for preorder on vinyl and CD from Far Out Recordings. The compilation features many of the same artists that Monteiro put on the mix for us, like São Paulo-based group Passo Torto, which Monteiro described as "crooked samba." Many of the tracks on Novissima Musica Brasileira are Afro-Brazilian, like the excellent “Obatala” by Afrobeat group Abayomy. Bands on the mix come from all over the country, from Goiânia in west-central Brazil (Luziluzia), to Sergipe in the northeast (the Baggios), and Pará in the Amazon (Zebrabeat). The diverse mix of styles on the compilation, including mangue hip-hop by Zulumbi (who we featured in a rundown of current artists from Recife), and the Ali Farka Toure-inspired “Ecos de Niafunke” from André Sampaio, reflect the vast array of cultures and artistic inclinations in Brazil. The new generation of the Brazilian underground sounds mighty fine and is sure to sound even finer on vinyl! Also, stay tuned for part two of Marcelo Monteiro’s exclusive mix series for Afropop. Check out previews of the tracks below: