Blog June 19, 2013
Double Trouble- Awesome Tapes from Africa drops Boiler Room and Slow Music Mixes
Awesome Tapes from Africa has established itself as one of the premier providers of international groove, and its latest output is no digression from the trend. While the site is best known for uploading (and releasing) tapes from individual artists, recently it  seems that its made something of a foray into the world of mixes. First up, we got a groove packed live set from the Boiler Room.  Broadcast this past weekend, the tape is packed full of an impressive variety of genres, ranging from the pop stylings of South African star Brenda and the Big Dudes to the Ethiopian accordianist/keyboardist Hailu Mergia. Unfortunately, there was no playlist to accompany the mixtape (AHEM), but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying! Be sure to check this out! [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Want some more? Don't worry...Awesome Tapes still got you covered with Simon's Slow Music from Africa Vol. 2 Mixtape, featuring mostly West African music.