Blog August 26, 2015
Awesome Tapes From Africa Drops Nigerian Gospel Mix
Sing hallelujah! Awesome Tapes from Africa, the blog/record label/purveyor of the finest obscure African cassettes, has put together a new mix of old-school Nigerian gospel, along with tracks from some secular Nigerian and South African cassettes that label owner Brian Shimkovitz recently picked up for Dublab. Beginning with the excellent organ-filled sermon of Voice of the Cross’s “Good Morning Jesus,” the mix presents a varied overview of vintage Nigerian gospel tracks. Next up, the amazing “Je Kaye Mo” by Baba Ara and the Divine Voices International has a laid-back juju feel to it. There are some positively ecstatic moments on the mix, such as Dr. General Felix Omosowne’s “Ona Jin,” with its grooving horn and chiming bells, and Evangelist Niyi Adedokun’s cheerful accordion and gentle singing on "Esan Ko Gbo’Ogun." One of the most exciting moments on the mix comes after its transition from gospel to secular music with the phenomenal “Superstars Verse 3” from Sir Shina Adewale and the Superstars International, the collaboration between Sir Shina Peters and “Yopop Juju King” Segun Adewale. This team-up lasted for three years, from 1977 to 1980, and “Superstars Verse 3” gives a taste of the brilliant pairing of two of juju’s most innovative bandleaders. Moving on to some South African ‘80s bubblegum, “Isiqedakoma” from Vumani is a tasty synth-infused dance-floor jam. Check out the whole mix over here!