Videos September 13, 2013
"Badd" video: Stylo G and Sister Nancy! This just in! With over twenty years and a gulf of experience between them, cultural icon and industry staple Sister Nancy is featured on young gun Stylo G's most recent single "Badd." When Sister Nancy first proclaimed "I'm a lady, I'm not a man!," or "Only female DJ wit degree!," in 1982 Kingston, Stylo G was not yet born, much less defending his gender! However both artists do have a penchant for forging unique identities in an otherwise saturated music industry. Stylo G self proclaimed lyrical "baddman" has, along with London producer Diztortion, culled sounds from across dancehall, ragga and reggaeton for this new track. There is an interesting word-sound-distortion trick, where "Badd" melds into Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam" seamlessly. The track is hot- very danceable, with a strong underlying bassline that also references the "Bam Bam" riddim -but the video is something to behold. We were bummed about missing the Notting Hill Carnival, but perhaps this video is the next best thing: All the best party vibes, duttywine, rum & Red Bull, soca, mas and more. See you next year, Notting Hill.