Blog August 9, 2012
Batida drops Tirei o Chapéu Mixtape
Fresh from the release of his debut album on Soundways Records, Batida- the project of the Portuguese/Angolan DJ Pedro Coquenão- has teamed up with the Paris DJ’s label to drop a new mixtape. Featuring his trademark combination of vintage Angolan tracks with cutting-edge beats drawn from across the transcontinental bass zone, the mix flits between styles and eras, a history lesson and a dance floor killer all at once. As always, Batida proves that he has a truly great set of ears, and the mix is a delight because of the quality of the tracks that he pulls as much as because of anything that he has done to them. As readers can probably guess, us here at Afropop love it when artists are able to respectfully jack the past for all its worth- the ability to give props and then get on with it is a vital skill among a whole generation of young artists. Judging from this mix (and his equally great album), Batida more than has the chops to roll with this group. Listen to the mix HEAR.