Blog July 29, 2015
Bomba Estereo at the Highline Ballroom
Bomba Estereo, the maverick roots-rock-electronica act from Colombia, is back in the U.S. this summer, promoting their fine new CD, Amanacer. Afropop's Banning Eyre caught up with the band at the Highline Ballroom in New York on July 17. Stay tuned for his interview with founder Simon Mejia. Here are a few of his photos from the band's rocking show. A full house roared and swooned, as the band shifted seamlessly from rave electronica to small combo rock to psychedelic stage theatrics. This band just keeps getting better! All photos by Banning Eyre. Bomba_flowers1 Bomba_group1 Bomba_group2 Bomba_guitar1 Bomba_N4 Bomba_N5 Bomba_Simon1 Bomba_Simon3 Bomba_Simon4 Bomba_wings