Blog January 6, 2015
Bring the Noise! Cairo Liberation Front Celebrates Two Years
The Egyptian wildstyle known as chaabi (or alternately mahraganat)  is a party music par excellence, and fittingly, the chaabi-centric DJ crew Cairo Liberation Front have thrown themselves a serious birthday party. Called "Bring the Noise," it consists of five separate mixes on five websites, each of which features 30 minutes of the thundering rhythms and frenetically Autotuned vocals that define the style. We've been big fans of the CLF and their mission since they first launched, so we are delighted to debut one of the tapes. While the mix still sounds like a particularly drum machine-heavy air-raid, it's great to see that the CLF has continued to develop its own distinctive style, adding a hiccupping, glitching  transition style that heightens the music's intensity while adding a few much-needed moments of space. Check out the mix below! And if you need to know more about chaabi? We've got you. Check out our interview with the CLF. OR Check out our recent scene report from Cairo.  OR Check out our five part series on Egyptian music!